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Lund is your charming city host, with its roots in the middle ages and its scientific mind that stretches some light years away from now. Among the engineering masterpieces we are proud of our Dome Cathedral (anno 1100), of Lund University (among the highest ranked universities in the world), of 306 km bicycle lanes (the number that is constantly increasing), of Sweden’s most recent tramway (opens in late 2020) and of the most powerful neutron research facility in the world, European Spallation Source ESS (opening in 2023).

As one of the mostly praised bicycle cities in Sweden, we are pleased to welcome you to Lund.

SAFER Vehicle and Traffic Safety Centre at Chalmers is a competence centre where partners from industry, academia and authorities cooperate to make a centre of excellence within the field of vehicle and traffic safety. Research at SAFER spans a broad base, covering several disciplines and encompassing both safe mobility and vehicle safety in real environments. The centre’s activities engage the very elite in the field of safe transport solutions, and the results contribute to increasing the competitive advantages of the centre’s partner companies and organisations as well as help reaching Vision Zero.