ICSC2023 will be held in the City of The Hague on November 15- 17, bringing the conference back to the Netherlands after 10 years! The conference will take place at the Media Museum in The Hague (Zeestraat 82). The conference itself will take place in the main event rooms (Eventzaal and Newsroom). During the breaks you’re free to explore the museum. 

 About the museum

Originally it was the Great Royal Bazar (1843-1927) which was built on the initiative of King Willem II, who wanted to stimulate urban expansion. In the garden were greenhouses and the bazar was a great success and was even known beyond the national borders. In 1994, the museum was enlarged by the purchase of an adjacent building dating from 1916, This Theosophical Temple is a special monument, where Freemasonry had also established a lodge at the time.  In 2016/2017, a major renovation of the museum took place. Only the façade has been preserved. The atmosphere within the museum has also been adapted into an accessible, interactive museum that focuses on the broad topic of communication.