An Investigation into the Road Interactions Experienced by Bicycle Food Delivery Riders with Other Road Users

O. Oviedo-Trespalacios, L. Martinez-Buelvas, N. HaworthConference room

  1. The gig economy and COVID-19 have led to a surge in bicycle food delivery riders (BFDRs) globally.
  2. BFDRs face challenges with car drivers, including lack of acknowledgment, intimidation, and physical/sexual harassment.
  3. Interactions with pedestrians involve difficulties navigating footpaths due to distractions and occasional hostility.
  4. E-scooter riders are unpredictable, posing safety hazards, while interactions with motorcyclists and cyclists are generally unproblematic.
  5. Improved infrastructure, communication channels, and awareness can enhance BFDRs' safety and promote cooperation on the road.

Wed 23:44 - 00:00