Analysis of High School Students' Safety Behavior Change through Workshops with Exploratory Learning by Using Naturalistic Cycling Data

Fumiya ISHIGAMORI, Nagahiro YOSHIDA, Yuto KITAMURAConference room

  • Demonstrating the effectiveness of exploratory learning in road safety by focusing on the process of bicycle behavior change.
  • Naturalistic cycling data were collected to examine behavioral changes and its habituation through workshops.
  • Analysis of actual behavior showed a 17% reduction in failure to stop behaviors at unsignalized intersections.
  • With an increase in background factors such as motivation, commitment (p<0.05), and intention to change behavior (p<0.01).
  • To spontaneously change safe behavior, "showing a distinction between undesirable and desirable behavior" was more effective.

Mon 19:50 - 00:00