Analysis of Selective Conflicts between Multiple Bicycles and Left-Turning Vehicle at Signalized Intersections by using Video Tracking Data

Koya Goshona, Nagahiro YoshidaConference room

The characteristics of dangerous conflicting patterns caused by multiple bicycles entering simultaneously at the corner of a signalized intersection with two-way bicycle traffic were clarified through an observational survey and video-tracking analysis using the Time to Collision index.

As a bicycle traffic pattern that is overlooked by drivers of left-turning vehicles, the number of cases is clearly higher for forward traffic than for oncoming traffic, and countermeasures against so-called left-hook collisions should be considered.

The most dangerous bicycle traffic pattern was when two bicycles enter different crossing points at the same time, especially in the case of short-cut bicycle through the nearside of the intersection corner.

Wed 03:56 - 00:00