Comparison of different cargo transport concepts on bicycles and their influence on cycling stability in open and closed loop

C. Groß, J. Vortanz, S. MüllerConference room

  1. In this work, we model different bicycles: a reference bike, one equipped with a rack, one with a trailer, and a cargo bike.
  2. We assess these different cargo transport concepts on bicycles by the means of a stability index that incorporates steering and lean work.
  3. In our work, we compare open and closed loop stability of bikes with racks, bikes with trailers and cargo bicycles against a reference bicycle as a baseline.
  4. With respect to the chosen stability index, the cargo bicycle performs best at high speeds. At low speeds, all cargo transport concepts are worse than the unloaded baseline bike. The trailer is preferable at low speeds.

Wed 23:44 - 00:00