Cyclists’ Gaze Patterns and Driver Detection when Encountering Manual and Driverless Vehicles: A Field Study

S. H. Berge, J. C. F. de Winter, D. Dodou, N. Reddy, Y. Dong, N. Raju, A. P. Afghari, E. Papadimitriou, H. FarahConference room

  1. The study explores the gaze patterns of cyclists interacting with a vehicle driven by a ghost driver.
  2. Cyclists had the task of detecting driver presence or absence during interactions with the vehicle.
  3. Computer vision methods enabled automatic gaze analysis.
  4. Gaze analysis revealed focused attention on the driver region during the task, shifting to the front without it.
  5. Contrary to existing literature, near-perfect results challenge the notion that cyclists struggle to detect drivers.

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