Evaluation and acceptance of an online cycling training for adults to master complex traffic situations

M.A. B. van Eggermond, N. Studer, L. Johnson, L. Knecht , D. SchaffnerConference room

  1. The study at hand developed and implemented an online cycling training program that was designed to develop cycling skill for adults.
  2. The effect of the training on cycling skills was measured by participants' subjective assessment of cycling skills before and after the training.
  3. Acceptance is evaluated through the constructs: performance expectancy; effort expectancy, hedonic motivation, and facilitating conditions.
  4. Model results reveals that, considering self-assessed cycling skills, participants with lower levels of cycling benefit from the training.
  5. The study reveals that motivating groups that benefit the most from the training turn out to be the most difficult to persuade to participate.

Wed 09:50 - 00:00