Hitting the Target: What 75% travel means for cyclists

M. Olyslagers, S. T. LucchesiConference room

  • UN Global Road Safety Performance Target 4 is that by 2030, more than 75% of travel on existing roads is on roads that meet technical standards for all road users considering road safety.
  • Where there is a lack of data for bicyclist trips, mapping where 75% of travel might bias the investments toward prevalent travel modes for which there is more data, namely large motorised vehicles.
  • This study aims to identify the 75% of travel routes for cyclists, and compare if they differ from the other modes by gender, and determine if cyclists are riding on safe roads. 
  • The analyses are built on origin-destination survey data collected in the city of São Paulo (RSMP) in Brazil, the second-largest metropolitan region in Latin America, and home to 22 million people.
  • The bicyclist trip maps were generated for men and women and compared to existing 75% of travel maps, and bicyclist safety Star Ratings data for the city.

Mon 19:50 - 00:00