Increasing safety through geofencing based regulations for e-scooter parking: Evaluation of impact and acceptance among e-scooter users in Munich

S.-T. Graupner, J.-H. Müller, J. Schade, R. AlfahelConference room

  • New geofencing based e-scooter parking regulation in Munich improved parking compliance, with positive effects for safety
  • Survey among e-scooter users reveals that the regulation is perceived as effective for reducing e-scooter parking problems
  • The survey also reveals that important aspects of e-scooter usage have worsened (e.g. flexibility, convenience)
  • There is a low acceptance for extending the regulation to other city areas and the risk of trip replacement by car in future
  • Improvements with GPS accuracy and parking zone visibility (physical and in provider apps) can potentially foster acceptance

Wed 23:45 - 00:00