Large cities are “enlargers” of cycling distractions: common technological and non-technological distractions in >300 cities of different sizes

Sergio A. UsecheConference room

  1. No previous research analyzed bicycle riding-related distracting behaviors related to the use of new technologies in relation to city-size patterns. 
  2. This study aimed to compare the prevalence of common technology-related distractions among cyclists riding in >300 cities of different sizes.
  3. Cyclists from more extensive urban areas tend to report more cycling distractions of both technological and non-technological nature.
  4. City size had a statistical effect on the usage of handheld devices, headphone-wearing, and non-technological generic distracting sources.
  5. These outcomes highlight the need for further actions aimed at discouraging the use of technological distracting sources among cyclists.

Wed 23:46 - 00:00