Older and Younger Cyclists: Exploring the relationship between neuropsychological task performance and inner-city cycling behaviour

F. Westerhuis, D. De WaardConference room

  1. Behaviour of older and younger cyclists is compared and relationships between cognitive scores and cycling manoeuvres were explored
  2. Participants performed three neuropsychological tasks and cycled 6km through the city of Groningen with a small GPS action camera on their bicycle
  3. Lateral Position, swerving, and speed were compared on various road types and correlations between tests and traffic manoeuvres were analysed
  4. Preliminary analyses show speed differences between older and younger cyclists while approaching an intersection on which they turned left
  5. Only in older cyclists, a correlation was found between the approaching speed before the intersection and time to complete the TMT-B test

Mon 19:49 - 00:00