Required field of view of a sensor for an advanced driving assistance system to prevent heavy-goods-vehicle to bicycle accidents

Ernst Tomasch, Heinz Hoschopf, Karin Ausserer, Jannik RießNews room

  1. Most frequent HGV vs. cyclists are accidents at junctions and turning to right situations followed by overtaking maneuvres
  2. Driving path of a HGV differs significantly from that of a passenger car and thus requirements of sensor differ either
  3. About one third of the trucks were accelerating from a stopped position (e.g. at a junction) and failed to see the cyclist
  4. At the time it becomes apparent that the HGV and cyclist are crossing each other’s path, it is not possible to stop in time
  5. For optimum effectiveness, the appropriate lateral zones must remain free from obstructions, i.e. parked vehicles, vegetation, etc.

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