Road infrastructure risk factors in bicyclists' safety along major non-motorized transport corridors in Nairobi, Kenya

R. O. Oyoo, S. K. Mwea, O. O. MeshackConference room

  1. Bicyclists are vulnerable due inadequate road design along major Non-Motorized Transport (NMT) corridors
  2. Unsafe road infrastructure increases bicyclists' exposure to crashes along major non-motorized transport NMT corridors
  3. Bicyclists are exposed to speeding motorists on main road carriageway due to unsafe cycle paths or disjointed NMT routes
  4. Major NMT corridors still lack dedicated cycling lanes exposing cyclists to higher traffic speeds and volumes by other motorists hindering cycling
  5. Inadequate traffic control devices and poor lighting on road infrastructure increases risk of bicyclists crashes

Wed 23:45 - 00:00