Sickness absence and disability pension among bicyclist after an accident, a nationwide register-based study comparing bicyclist with other road user groups with matched references

L. Kjeldgård, H. Stigson, K. Farrants, E. FribergConference room

  • Study demonstrates how effective emergency response records (ERRs) can supplement cyclist collisions in official reports 
  • Majority (86.6%) of collisions attended by Emergency Ambulance Services (EAS) are Single Bicycle Collisions
  • As ERRs are georeferenced details about the road environment are established using the spatial tools available in a GIS
  • Almost half (46.6%) of injured cyclists attended by EAS are at midblock road locations
  • EAS’s attend more children aged under 12 and older persons aged over 65 with cyclist injuries than are reported to the police

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